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Manufacturer's Representatives

Specializing in Level Measurement, Particle Emission, Bin Aeration, Flow & Controls

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Local Stock Distributors

Our Focus: To provide solutions through the utilization of the products we represent.

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Industry Knowledge You Can Trust

Experience the impact of 14+ years of experience in the bulk material & instrumentation market

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Manufacturer's Rep With Solutions.


PictureThe Vaughn Company is a manufacturers’ representative that our customers can count on when they need critically important items and parts stocked and on hand.

We provide all in one solutions to the frustrating and productivity crippling problem of dealing with multiple manufacturing reps for industrial service, temperature, or equipment process elements.

We also take the hassle and downtime out of the equation when process parts, sensors, safety, temperature regulation systems, and other important pieces of the puzzle are needed at a moments notice.
With many years as a manufacturer representative with a wide customer base, The Vaughn Company brings our expertise and high standards to partner with you for certain success and growth.

Customer Support

Providing unparalleled customer support to ensure that downtime is never a result of a lack of or failure to communicate, The Vaughn Company is always ready when you are.

Better Productivity

Giving you back time and reducing waste by providing parts and equipment when you need it and for the correct application is what we are in the business of doing across industries.

Custom Solutions

Innovation and adaptability are two necessary things for growth and sustainability, and The Vaughn Company is ready to meet any custom needs you have for both. Your size fits all.

The Benefits of Experience

Having over 14 years of experience helping industries in the bulk materials and instrumentation markets such as the chemical industry, plastics, mineral and cement, grain and food industries, pharmaceuticals, and other process based operations, we know how to increase productivity while decreasing costly downtime. Our experience allows us to create and implement processes designed to save you money and time. In short: we get it done.

One Company | Cross-Application Insight.


Organization and accurate execution of planned operations are synonymous with successful manufacturing, but are hard to maintain when the solutions you need are spread out with little to no interconnection. When you choose The Vaughn Company as your manufacturers’ representative your processes benefit by bringing all of those elements into one place that you can rely on.

We strive to ensure that all of our customers have exactly what they need exactly when they need it; and you can be sure that they are happy about that. Our past with customers in every industry we have supported has shown us that when you offer a solution that covers all of their needs in one place, and do it well, you earn a reputation as the concierge of stock distributors.

We intend to continue earning that title and look forward to proving the truth of it to you by partnering with you for an unstoppable combination when it comes to keeping things rolling. For more information please contact us today.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

The Vaughn Company, LLC is open for business with normal business hours to support customers until further notice. Our hours are 7:30am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. We are here to serve our customers during this very difficult time. Should you have an emergency on the weekend, please call our toll free number (877)-878-0505 and one of our sales staff will return your call within the hour.